- a system of pipes that transports water, sanitary and stormwater.

If we are not building in or on top of the water, creating systems to cleanse the water, or dredging, we are helping construct the underground piping infrastructure to control and manage the flow. Our specialty equipment that helps us construct amazing structures for our other divisions also lends its abilities to helping install or repair water, sewer and sanitary lines throughout the state. Along with these services we have constructed the utilities and site pads for commercial buildings. 


Below is a list of the services that we perform for our clients under our utilities division.








With our utility infrastructure starting to age past it's usability, HDD has been helping replace or repair the service lines. Our specialty long reaches, low ground pressure machines, and talented tradesmen, allow us to help the typical General Contractor complete jobs that there typical machinery can not perform. With the numerous projects that we have been asked to be apart of, HDD formed a team to dedicate their time focusing on helping revitalize the aging infrastructure. 


HDD Utility Projects



Elevated Sewer of Piling Foundation

Fort Eustis needed to replace a sewer line that was elevated across a pond. The original wooded piling supports were deteriorating creating a support issue for the elevated utility line. HDD launch numerous sectional barges to create a large deck for the crane to be able to drive the piles into the pond floor. After the installation of the new service utility, we demolished the old structure. 

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