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- Marine construction involves building and repairing piers, docks, bulkheads, harbors and marinas.

Our passion for being on the water and boating on the waterways of Virginia helped launch the timber and steel fabrication services that fall into our Marine Construction division. At Harbor Dredge and Dock we have numerous years of experience building standard piers and docks but our imagination to help design and build waterfront amenities have made us the go to organization for constructing in, on or over the water.

Elevated Walkway



Building amenities on or over the water that helps our clients enjoy the water is one of main missions of the organization. Below is a list of the services that we offer to the public. 

  • Design / Build Services 

  • Permitting  

  • Pile Driving

  • Rip Rap

  • Elevated Walkways  

  • Bank Stabilization

  • Pedestrian Bridges 

  • Cofferdams

  • Kayak Launches

  • Bulkheads

  • Boat Ramps

  • Dam Repair

  • Boat Lifts

  • Piers / Floating Docks

  • Mechanical Dredging

  • Marinas

  • Boat Houses

  • Stream Restoration 

  • Shoreline Restoration

  • Salvage Work

If you don't see your project type listed above, please reach out to us for a conversation to discuss what your ideas are and we might have already constructed that amenity in our past.



With our rich history of constructing amenities on the water, we understand what products work in the best and worst of conditions. New materials and products have entered the market in the last fifteen years opening our abilities to design and construct in some of the harshest conditions. New composite material for decking and facade options, creates endless design options for our residential and commercial clients. Pilings are not only made from timber but also concrete, steel and fiberglass. Our dedicated team can help you with designing a beautiful water amenity, or we can take your ideas and designs and turn them into a reality.


Our marine construction crews are a diverse group of individuals that are skilled in many different trades to ensure all aspects of our designs are built to the highest level of quality. We construct our marine structures out of many different mediums, some of which are, timber, metals, composite, laminates, concrete, etc. With this diverse training our teams have the abilities to construct any water amenity that your imagination can dream.


HDD Marine Projects



Lake Recreation Structures

The Town of Culpeper and Harbor Dredge and Dock created four water features on Lake Pelham reservoir. We poured a boat ramp for the town residents to launch their vessels into the reservoir and retrieve them with the help of the second structure which is a courtesy pier located next to the boat ramp. The third structure is an ADA compliant kayak launch for residents to use different recreational crafts on the water. The fourth structure is a platform over the water with a 30' gazebo at the end for people to enjoy the water under a nicely shaded area.



Foxfire Community Dock is a beautiful area to watch nature or to launch your kayak into swift Creek Reservoir.

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