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- A lakes health is a reflection of its water source, vegetation, depths and surrounding land.

Our ponds and lakes provide us with great wildlife, amazing scenery, and recreational entertainment for all ages. Whether you are taking a swim, fishing on the banks, canoeing or boating on your lake you want the water and the surrounding areas to be managed and groomed properly to ensure a safe and fun time. With the increased severe storms, more man-made structures reducing permeable land and increasing stormwater runoff, this has created more silt and debris to collect in the lake's reducing the health of the lake's ecosystem. Lake owners have been challenged with cloudy water, reduced water depths and increased erosion which in turn increases the amount of weeds and unwanted underwater vegetation.

Gazebo - Culpeper.jpg



With the poor conditions our Virginia rivers and the Chesapeake Bay has become over the last several decades pond and lake management has become important to the health of our ecosystem. With the help of non-profit associations, concerned residents, along with federal and state regulations, we are starting to revive the health of these bodies of water. Harbor Dredge and Dock provides the list of following services to help ensure a long and healthy lake for years to come.

  • Design / Build Services 

  • Permitting 

  • Pile Driving

  • Rip Rap

  • Elevated Walkways  

  • Bank Stabilization

  • Pedestrian Bridges 

  • Cofferdams

  • Kayak Launches

  • Bulkheads

  • Boat Ramps

  • Dam Repair

  • Boat Lifts

  • Piers / Floating Docks

  • Mechanical Dredging

  • Marinas

  • Boat Houses

  • Stream Restoration

  • Shoreline Restoration

  • Salvage Work

Fishing Pier ADA Compliant



Our teams of dedicated foreman, carpenters, operators and skilled workers take pride in creating structures that can and cannot be seen. In the picture below you will see a structure called a weir. A weir is defined by Webster's Dictionary as "a low dam built across a river, pond or lake to raise the level of water upstream or regulate its flow." This weir will be underwater for most of its life, but it helps the health of the lake that we have installed this three-part weir system into. This underwater weir was constructed at the inlet of the creek to contain the silt in one area to make it easier for the silt to be removed in the future. Sediment in the water creates high nitrogen and phosphorus loads, cloudy water and increases unwanted sub-aquatic vegetation.


Only two lakes are natural in the state of Virginia, the rest were created by installing an earthen or concrete dam or a mixture of both. The majority of lake owners in Virginia don't have the training to maintain a lake throughout its life and just let nature run its course. As we have learned over the years letting nature run its course will eventually turn a lake or pond into a wetland. Maintaining the proper depths, shoreline and sub-aquatic vegetation, and the upstream conditions, will help ensure a healthy and enjoyable lake for years to come. We are always open to conversations regarding the current health of your lake and what we can do to maximize the use of your facilities.


HDD Lake Management Projects



Lake Recreation Structures

The Town of Culpeper and Harbor Dredge and Dock created four water features on Lake Pelham reservoir. We poured a boat ramp for the town residents to launch their vessels into the reservoir and retrieve them with the help of the second structure which is a courtesy pier located next to the boat ramp. The third structure is an ADA compliant kayak launch for residents to use. The fourth structure is a platform over the water with a 30' gazebo at the end for people to enjoy the water under a nicely shaded area.



Trail Project

Single span pedestrian bridge connecting to 1/4 mile of widened asphalt trail.

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