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- A wall or barrier that is built across a river or stream in order to stop the water from flowing,

in order to make a lake or reservoir.

With our deep history of inland dredging, lake and utility services, Harbor Dredge and Dock also provides repair services to dam structures throughout the state of Virginia. There are only two natural lakes in all of Virginia every other lake has some type of dam constructed to create the necessary barrier to contain the water. Most dams in Virginia are constructed with natural rock and soil some are also constructed using concrete and steel. No matter what type of dam was put into use at your lake, Harbor Dredge and Dock can repair it.

Cofferdam Installation



Our team of talented tradesmen can accomplish the following repair services for your dam needs.

  • Dam Hardening 

  • Valve Repair / Replacement

  • Rip-Rap

  • Pump Repair / Replacement

  • Cofferdam

  • Concrete Repair

  • Spillway Repair

  • De-Watering     

  • Articulated Concrete Block Mat

  • Pump Around

  • Low Flow Siphons

  • Riser Repairs

  • Slip-Lining

  • Trash Racks

Trash rack install


Dredging out the lakes and ponds in Virginia, HDD has numerous types and sizes of barges (work platforms, hoppers, and sectionals) to help get our talented employees and specialty equipment as close to the repairs as possible. For HDD to accomplish the amazing projects we are hired to construct wouldn't be possible without the specialty equipment that we own. We have numerous long-reach excavators (60', 54' and 48') that allow us to dredge, hang or reach to certain distances that most excavators can't.

Henrico Dam



The most common problem earthen dams have is tree growth along the top and sides of the berm. In the past it was common to allow the trees to grow on the dam for extra stabilization from the roots, but after numerous powerful storms trees have blown over uprooting the ball of the tree creating a weak spot on the dam. The DCR (Department of Conservation and Recreation) has prohibited trees from being left on an earthen dam, HDD has a specialty attachment for its excavators known as a FECON Bull Hog. The FECON Bull Hog is a rotary drum mulching head that can mulch a ten-inch tree into two-inch size piece of wood chips. This device can also grub two to three inches into the soil significantly eliminating the trees' chance of regrowing.


HDD Dam Projects



Gate Valve Repair and Replacement

The County of Henrico solicited an IFB (Invitation for Bid)to rehab three dam structures located within a large commercial business complex. Harbor Dredge and Dock won the bid and created a cofferdam system with a low flow siphon system to keep the lakes drained so we could repair the concrete and install new gate valves for each structure.



                             PUMP ROAD DAM

Harbor Dredge and Dock successfully won the bid to complete this project for Henrico County in April of 2019. The project was designed to eliminate erosion on the backside of the existing dam by reinforcing it with a product called Hydroturf. This product is an artificial grass that allows water to sheet over the top without causing any erosion, this was the first time this product was used in this nature in Virginia. We completed this project by excavating a uniform 6” of material from the backside of the dam as well as an anchor ditch around the entire perimeter of the site. We then brought in the same volume of stone to install and compact on the backside of the dam. The Hydroturf product was then installed on the compacted stone and once completed, we poured concrete in the anchor ditch to secure the Hyrdoturf in place. This project also included installation of rip rap, erosion control materials, clearing and grubbing, and traffic control to be completed successfully. Now in place, the dam will be safe from erosion for the foreseeable future.

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