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- Civil engineering : To deepen (a waterway) with a machine that removes earth usually by buckets on an endless chain or a suction tube : to deepen with a dredge


It's in our name and it's the foundation of the organization. At Harbor Dredge and Dock we have numerous years of experience dredging mechanically or hydraulically depending on budget and scope of the project. With our deep history of dredging and the proprietary barge systems that we have created, we can accomplish most any dredging project that we have seen. Our barges can be linked together to create the appropriate size barge for each project. Our barges are designed to be hauled from job site to job site so we can perform dredging at inland facilities such as ponds, lakes and reservoirs. This system also works well in small tributaries or rivers where larger single barge systems can't go. Every dredging project has a list of its own challenges and HDD has the history, personnel and equipment to properly complete the project.




In the Fall of 1987, a dredging contractor was so frustrated with a dredging project, they packed up their equipment and left the property owner stranded with the job half finished. The property owners searched for a general contractor capable of completing the project but no contractor was willing to take on the complex dredging project. Paul Smith was approached to see if he could recommend anyone that would be available to complete the dredging project, but instead of recommending a viable company Paul created Harbor Dredge and Dock. Since then, HDD has helped fill the demand for dredging needs throughout the state of Virginia. HDD has dredged ponds, lakes, canals, tributaries, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. Harbor Dredge and Dock has grown into a Class A General Contractor able to complete hydraulic and mechanical dredging projects. HDD acquires all the appropriate permits to complete dredging projects in non-tidal and tidal waters to ensure compliance with all state and national agencies.




Silt and Sediment in our waterways, recreational lakes and ponds are increasing year after year. As we build more schools, shopping centers, homes, roads, etc., we are increasing the amount of silt and sediment that is being denuded from our lands into our water ecosystems. The DEQ and the EPA have been enforcing stricter guidelines by prohibiting landowners from removing vegetation from the RPA (resource protection area) zone around ponds, lakes, streams and rivers. This natural barrier between our uses of the land and the waterway helps cleanse any pollutants that might leach into the water. The Chesapeake Bay Water Act that was established in 2015 is providing mandates and guidelines to reduce the phosphorus and nitrogen that is in our water. Phosphorus and nitrogen prohibit healthy water ecosystems and the removal of silt and sediment from our waterways is a great way to reduce these elements.

Canal Dredging


The foundation of HDD dredging services was to focus on navigable channels for the Chesapeake Bay tributaries to have the proper depth for vessel passage. Since the business resides in Richmond Virginia, numerous lakes and pond owners inquired about our services to dredge out their facilities. In the state of Virginia there are only two lakes that are natural, Lake Drummond and Mountain Lake, the other 2790 lakes and ponds were created thru the process of erecting a dam to contain the water. Over the last couple of years, the storms that we are experiencing are increasing in intensity which creates more silt and sediment to enter the water system. The Army Corp of Engineers, EPA, DEQ, DCR and other state and federal agencies are inspecting the infrastructure of our facilities on the waterways to ensure we are reducing the amount of pollutants that enter our water system.


HDD Dredging Projects



Dredging Project

Over a 20 year period Harbor Dredge and Dock has performed maintenance dredging services at Lake Salisbury. The edges of the lake are a mixture of wood lots and the Salisbury Country Club. The runoff from the country club and the leaves from the trees silts in the lake about every 7 years




Dredging Project

   Our team working hard to dredge the port.

Resized_20200429_083944001 (1).jpeg



Emergency clean up of river debris.



Dredging Project

The guys hard at work dredging and installing sheet pile​ to the beautiful Dover Lake.



Dredging Project

In December of 2017, HDD dredged the inlet to the lake at Forest Hill Park for the City of Richmond. We first installed the necessary erosion control measures to ensure that no material could escape our limits of disturbance. We then removed and disposed of approximately 1,700 cubic yards of material. This material was hauled and disposed of at an approved location, using sludge lock dump trucks to avoid and spillage in transit. The removal of this sediment added more capacity to the lake allowing it to function more properly.

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